Mariusz "Maryushi-san" Kozłowski

Technology, music, photograpy and Asian culture enthusiast.

Hello! Welcome to my highly unprofessional homepage. My name is Mariusz but friends call me Mariusz. I have a bachelor's in Computer Science; master's is coming soon with Software Engineering as the speciality. I have had an opportunity to work with VR and AR (in UE4, both BP and C++) for almost 3 years. I'm addicted to wide variety of music. I can play some musical instruments too (guitar, piano, accordion and what have you). I like aesthetics of 1990s/2000s and technology of today with smarphones and PC hardware being the main interest. Video games are close to my heart too, expecially the ones from around 7th generation era, whole rhythm genre and of course the Sonic games. I speak Japanese a little but would love to learn it properly. I'm passionate about learning about the culture of different Asian countries. Being able to join Szczecin's Club of Asia is what made this field of interest bloom in me. In the Club I do event photography (along with a beatiful woman and an unique friend), graphic design, website administration and naturally some speaking. From time to time I try to take some more artsy photos. Beer is not my cup of tea but a well brewed tea definitely is. I know a thing or two about plenty of things. If you want to know more about me, feel free to follow the social links below.